Aniket Thorave is a junior data scientist, trainer, trekker, blogger, open source follower etc etc. He is a graduate in Computer Engineering from Dr. D. Y. Patil’s R.A.I.T. Mumbai. Currently, he is Developer and trainer at MITU Skillologies, Pune.
Aniket has experience of four years in the field of technology. His areas of research includes Internet of Things  (IoT) applications design, data science, machine learning, embedded systems. He has strong hold on programming languages like Python & Java. His technical proficiency also includes open source OS platforms, IoT Hardware, web development, MySQL, Big Data Hadoop, Cloud technologies. He has conducted more than 30 training programs for graduate and undergraduate students of Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering, MCA and Deploma Engineering. He holds professional membership of International Association of Engineers as well as Internet Society Community.