Here is the detailed course for Coding For Kids! In order to attend these sessions, you should be connected with internet continuously. The FREE sessions (Session 1, 2, 3, 7, 19, 20) can be attended by anyone anytime. In order to get access of others, check more information on this link.

Session 1: Introduction to the coding (FREE Session)

Session 2: Know your editor (FREE Session)

Session 3: Know your Sprite (FREE Session)

Session 4: Learn Backdrops

Session 5: Changing Costumes

Session 6: Editing and creating Sounds

Session 7: Generate Motions (FREE Session)

Session 8: Create Looks Part-1

Session 9: Create Looks Part-2

Session 10: Add Sounds to Sprite

Session 11: Handle the Events

Session 12: Using Operators Part-1

Session 13: Using Operators Part-2

Session 14: Create and use Variables

Session 15: Create and use Lists

Session 16: Using Controls

Session 17: Sensing

Session 18: Create and use My Blocks

Session 19: Mouse Controlled Sprite (FREE Session)

Session 20: Flying Bird Animation (FREE Session)

Session 21: User Input Arithmetic Operators

Session 22: User Input Comparison Operators

Session 23: Bouncing Ball Animation

Session 24: Batter Animation

Session 25: Character Animation

Session 26: Word Form Animation

Session 27: Story Creation

Session 28: Shark Attack Game

Session 29: Flying Cat Game

Session 30: Cat and Mouse Game

Session 31: Shooting Game

After the sessions are over, click below for the Certification exam.

1. Free Course (Attendee Certificate)

2. Full course (Junior Coder Certificate)