• This online internship is provided for Python Programming, Data Science and Machine Learning. It is specially designed for the students appearing for degree course in engineering, MCA, BCA and BCS.
  • Starting Date: 1st July 2020
  • Limited Entries are available.
  • Note: If you have not completed any training at MITU Skillologies, Pune office then you need to pay Rs. 3000 for this internship.
  • Duration: 30 days to 45 days (depends on student progress)
  • After completion of the training student will get chance to work on Data Science projects.
  • Internship completion certificate will be awarded.
  • Topics:
    Python Programming
    – Python Installation and Basics
    – Syntax and programming Structures
    – Variables, Operators, Keywords, Expressions
    – Decision Making: if, elif, else
    – Loops: while, for with break, continue, pass
    – List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set
    – Functions, Modules
    – Object Oriented Programming
    Introduction to Data Science
    – Detailed overview of data science, data scientists and its scope.
    Introduction to Machine Learning
    – How and what is ML with uses, types, applications
    Python for Data Science
    – numpy: Numerical Python
    – pandas: Python data analytics with data frames object
    Data Visualization
    – matplotlib: creating different graphs
    – seaborn: advanced visualization
    Machine Learning Initiation
    – Using ML in Python
    – Data Pre-processing operations and their requirements
    Machine Learning Algorithms: Regression
    – Linear Regression
    – Multiple Regression
    – Polynomial Regression
    – Decision Tree Regression
    – Random Forest Regression
    Machine Learning Algorithms: Classification
    – Logistic Regression
    – Decision Tree Classification
    – Random Forest Classification
    – KNN Classification
    Neural Network
    – MLP Classifier (ANN)
    Machine Learning Algorithms: Clustering
    – K-means Clustering
    Natural Language Processing
    – Text mining with nltk
    – Machine Learning and NLP
    GUI Design with Mini Project

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Contact: 8600829693, 9860668565, contact@mitu.co.in