Welcome to the official page of “Embedded Systems and Internet of Things” by MITU Skillologies.

You may find all kinds of stuffs related to Embedded Systems as well as Internet of Things applications on this page.

As per given by Savitribai Phule Pune University’s syllabus of T.E. Computer, following are the objectives of this course.

  1. To understand fundamentals of IoT and embedded system including essence, basic design strategy and process modeling.
  2. To introduce students a set of advanced topics in embedded IoT and lead them to understand
    research in network.
  3. To develop comprehensive approach towards building small low cost embedded IoT system.
  4. To understand fundamentals of security in IoT.
  5. To learn to implement secure infrastructure for IoT
  6. To learn real world application scenarios of IoT along with its societal and economic impact using case studies

Course Outcomes are:Student will be able to–

  1. Implement an architectural design for IoT for specified requirement.
  2. Solve the given societal challenge using IoT.
  3. Choose between available technologies and devices for stated IoT challenge.

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