Mitu Skillologies conduct one month certified program on Python named- “Mitu Certified Python Programmer” in Nashik. The 32 hours course is having following contents:

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  1. OVERVIEW History of Python

    Python Features and Applications

  2. ENVIRONMENT Local Environment Setup

    Getting Python

    Installing Python

    Running Python

  3. BASIC SYNTAX First Python Program

    Python Identifiers

    Python Keywords

    Lines and Indentation

    Multi-Line Statements

    Quotation in Python

    Comments in Python

    Using Blank Lines

    Waiting for the User

    Multiple Statements on a Single Line

    Multiple Statement Groups as Suites

    Command Line Arguments

    Accessing Command-Line Arguments

    Parsing Command-Line Arguments

  4. VARIABLE TYPES Assigning Values to Variables

    Multiple Assignment

    Standard Data Types

    Python Numbers

    Python Strings

    Python Lists

    Python Tuples

    Python Dictionary

    Data Type Conversion

  5. BASIC OPERATORS Types of Operators

    Python Arithmetic Operators

    Python Comparison Operators

    Python Assignment Operators

    Python Bitwise Operators

    Python Logical Operators

    Python Membership Operators

    Python Identity Operators

    Python Operators Precedence

  6. DECISION MAKING If Statement

    Ifelse Statement

    The elif Statement

    Single Statement Suites

  7. LOOPS While Loop

    The Infinite Loop

    Using else Statement with Loops

    Single Statement Suites

    For Loop

    Iterating by Sequence Index

    Using else Statement with Loops

    Nested Loops

    Loop Control Statements

    Break Statement

    Continue Statement

    Pass Statement

  8. NUMBERS Number Type Conversion

    Random Number Functions

    Trigonometric Functions

    Mathematical Constants

  9. STRINGS Accessing Values in Strings

    Updating Strings

    Escape Characters

    String Special Operators

    String Formatting Operator

    Triple Quotes

    Unicode String

    Built-in String Methods

  10. LISTS Python Lists

    Accessing Values in Lists

    Updating Lists

    Deleting List Elements

    Basic List Operations

    Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes

    Built-in List Functions and Methods

  11. TUPLES Accessing Values in Tuples

    Updating Tuples

    Deleting Tuple Elements

    Basic Tuples Operations

    Indexing, Slicing, and Matrixes

    No Enclosing Delimiters:

    Built-in Tuple Functions

  12. DICTIONARY Accessing Values in Dictionary

    Updating Dictionary

    Delete Dictionary Elements

    Properties of Dictionary Keys

    Built-in Dictionary Functions and Methods

  13. DATE AND TIME What is Tick?

    What is TimeTuple?

    Getting Current Time

    Getting Formatted Time

    Getting Calendar for a Month

    The time Module

    The calendar Module

    Other Modules and Functions

  14. FUNCTIONS Defining a Function

    Calling a Function

    Passing by Reference Versus Passing by Value

    Function Arguments

    Required Arguments

    Keyword Arguments

    Default Arguments

    Variable Length Arguments

    The Anonymous Functions

    The return Statement

    Scope of Variables

    Global vs Local variables:

  15. MODULES The import Statement

    The fromimport Statement

    The fromimport * Statement:

    Locating Modules:

    Namespaces and Scoping

    The dir( ) Function

    The globals() and locals() Functions

    The reload() Function

    Packages in Python

  16. FILES I/O Printing to the Screen

    Reading Keyboard Input

    The raw_input Function

    The input Function

    Opening and Closing Files

    The open Function

    The file Object Attributes

    The close() Method

    Reading and Writing Files

    The write() Method

    The read() Method

    File Positions

    Renaming and Deleting Files

    The rename() Method

    The remove() Method

    Directories in Python

    The mkdir() Method

    The chdir() Method

    The getcwd() Method

    The rmdir() Method

    File and Directory Related Methods

  17. EXCEPTIONS What is Exception?

    Handling an Exception

    The except Clause with No Exceptions

    The except Clause with Multiple Exceptions

    The try-finally Clause

    Argument of an Exception

    Raising an Exception

    User-Defined Exceptions

  18. CLASSES AND OBJECTS Overview of OOP Terminology

    Creating Classes

    Creating Instance Objects

    Accessing Attributes

    Built-In Class Attributes

    Destroying Objects (Garbage Collection)

    Class Inheritance

    Overriding Methods

    Base Overloading Methods

    Overloading Operators

    Data Hiding

  19. REGULAR EXPRESSIONS The match Function

    The search Function

    Matching Versus Searching

    Search and Replace

    Regular-Expression Modifiers: Option Flags

    Regular-Expression Patterns

    Regular-Expression Examples

    Grouping with Parentheses


    How do I Install MySQLdb?

    Database Connection

    Creating Database Table

    INSERT Operation

    READ Operation

    Update Operation

    DELETE Operation

    Performing Transactions

    COMMIT Operation

    ROLLBACK Operation

    Disconnecting Database

    Handling Errors

  21. NETWORK PROGRAMMINGWhat is Sockets?

    The socket Module

    Server Socket Methods

    Client Socket Methods

    General Socket Methods

    A Simple Server

    A Simple Client

    Python Internet modules

  22. MULTITHREADING Starting a New Thread

    The Threading Module

    Creating Thread Using Threading Module

    Synchronizing Threads

    Multithreaded Priority Queue

  23. GUI PROGRAMMING Tkinter Programming

    Tkinter Widgets

    Geometry Management



Mitu Certified Python Programmer

Mitu Certified Python Programmer