How the course will work?

  • The course will run online only through WhatsApp.
  • You will be provided a video tutorial daily to study and learn. The length of this video will be 25 ~ 40 minutes only.
  • You will be assigned with mentor for solving your queries regarding the practical sessions.
  • You need to solve the daily assignments by your own as per video lecture.
  • For any questions or doubts, mentor will help you in specified duration of the day.
  • The problem solving facility with mentor will be provided in English, Marathi, Urdu and Hindi.
  • Digital certificate will be given to you after completion of the course.

What are the contents?

  • Main Contents:
    – Python Installation and Basics
    – Syntax and programming Structures
    – Variables, Operators, Keywords, Expressions
    – Decision Making: if, elif, else
    – Loops: while, for with break, continue, pass
    – List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set
    – Functions, Modules
    – File Handling
    – Exception Handling
    – Object Oriented Programming
    Check detailed contents here.

What is duration of Course?
20th April to 29th April 2020.

Check sample video lecture here.

What are the fees?
₹999 only
Options for Payment:
– Google Pay: 9960163010 (Rashmi)
– PayTM : 7588594665 (Tushar)
Account Number: 060420110000162
IFSC: BKID0000604 (Bank of India)

How to register?
Pay the fees and fill this form.
Last date of registration is 18th April 2020.

Note: After filling form and payment send the details by WhatsApp to 9960163010.

These are the links for our official video and presentation of this course.

For any queries contact: 9860668565