Software Requirements:
Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Windows 7
Java Development Kit 1.8, Android Studio

Hardware Requirements:
Processor: Pentium Dual Core +
RAM: Min 4GB



–  Overview
–  Why Android?
–  Features and applications
–  Architecture and libraries
–  History, API Levels
–  Setting up JDK and Android IDE
–  Android Runtime and Framework
–  Application Components
–  Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers
–  Create first Android application
–  Example of Hello World application
–  Installation and deployment of the App
–  Detailed description of type of the files in the App
–  Detailed overview of the Android Studio IDE


–  colors,  drawable
–  layout,  values
–  accessing the resources in code
–  accessing the resources in xml files
–  creating and using
–  example
Data Processing
–  Taking input from text boxes
–  Data processing based on input
–  generating results and displaying
–  adding background images
–  creating and using
–  example


–  creating and using
–  intent objects
–  action, data and flags
–  implicit and explicit intents
–  intent filters
–  example of launching applications
UI Layouts and its types
UI Controls and creating controls
Using toasts for messages
Event Handling
–  Handlers, Listeners
–  Touch mode and Focus
–  Examples
Styles and Themes
–  Define a style, Using style
–  Style inheritance
–  Applying colors to themes
–  Themes and color palletes
Intent Filters
–  Sending emails, making calls
–  Opening the websites
Navigation Bars
Google Maps Activity