Introduction to Internet of Things
–  IOT Architecture
–  Impact of IoT
–  IoT Privacy, Security and Governance
–  Current Trends and Research Opportunities in IoT
–  Introduction to different IOT boards based on Processor and
Introduction to Raspberry Pi
–  Architecture, features and versions
–  Embedded Developer Suit
–  OS for ARM architectures
–  OS installation
–  Raspbian Fundamentals: Working in GUI / Terminal Mode
–  Complete Raspbian configuration
–  Introduction to GPIO
–  Installing, updating, upgrading the packages
–  Networking and accessing via ssh or telnet or PuTTY
–  Sensors and GPIO interfacing


IOT Design using Raspberry Pi
–  Introduction to RPi python programming
–  Blinking the LEDs, Fading the LEDs
–  Ringing Buzzers by various ways
–  Interfacing the IR sensor
–  Interfacing LDR sensor
–  Interfacing the Ultrasonic distance Sensor
–  Installation of extra libraries in Python
–  Interfacing servo motor
–  Interfacing the Temperature / Humidity sensors
–  Creating the Sensor – RPi  – Actuator system
–  Collecting the sensors data.


Database Programming
–  Collecting the sensor’s data in database
–  Analysis using MySQL database.
–  Basic socket programming.
–  Using TCP and UDP servers.
–  Creating local IOT server
Cloud Connections
–  Creating your own cloud
–  Uploading data on ThingSpeak cloud
–  Analysing and retriving the data from ThingSpeak
–  IOT TweetControl using ThingSpeak
–  Sending the SMS in IOT.
–  Implementing complete project.