1. Introduction To Ruby 30 Mins
a) Installation of Ruby on Linux.
b) Introduction to Objects
c) More Objects and Methods

2. Introduction to Strings 45 Mins
a) Introduction to Strings
b) String Basics
c) Advanced String Operations

3. Conditions and Loops: Control Structures in Ruby 01 Hr.
a) Boolean Expressions in Ruby
b) The if..else construct
c) Loops in Ruby

4. Arrays in Ruby 30 Mins
a) Introduction to Arrays
b) Basic Array Operations
c) Iteration

5. Hashes in Ruby 30 Mins
a) Introduction to Ruby Hashes
b) Hashes, in and out.

6. Classes and Object Oriented Programming in Ruby 45 Mins
a) Classes
b) Building your own class

7. Introduction to Ruby Methods 30 Mins
a) Being Methodical
b) Calling a method

8. Introduction to Lambdas and Blocks 30 Mins
a) Lambdas In Ruby
b) Blocks in Ruby

9. Introduction to Modules 30 Mins
a) Getting Modular
b) Modules as Namespaces

10. Introduction to I/O 30 Mins
a) Streams
b) Using the ‘File’ Class