• Introduction
    What is Ruby
    Why ruby
    General purpose of ruby
    Brief History of Ruby
    Where does ruby get its ideas
    Ruby Installation with RVM
    Creating a basic script in ruby
    Sample demo of ruby program
  • RVM(ruby version manager)
    Rvm installation
    Rvm commands
    Rvm Usage
  • Ruby Datatypes & Variables
    Ruby Datatypes
    Numbers, Boolean, Strings, Arrays, Hashes, Symbols.
    Types of Variables(Global, Instance, Class, Local, Constant, Pseudo)
    Difference between local & instance variables
    Parallel Assignment
    Variable conditions
  • Ruby methods and modules
    Basic ruby methods
    Return values from methods, return statements
    Class methods
    Different ways to call methods
    Ruby modules and Mixins
    Ruby require and include statement
    Difference between class and module
  • OOP in Ruby
    The initialize method
    The accessor & setter method
    Access Control
    Class Inheritance
    Method Overriding
    Operator Overloading
    Singleton methods
    Defining Attributes
    Variable types in Ruby
    Regular Expressions
  • Basic loops and iterators
    Conditional operators
    Case Statement
  • Rails
  • Rails Installation and Ruby gems
    What is Rails
    Full tack Framework
    Rails Strength
    COC(convention over configuration)
    Rails Installation
    Ruby and Rails installation on Linux
    Ruby Gems
    Working with RubyGems
    Gem commands
    Framework Technology
    Rails Components
    How do Rails works in MVC
  • Databases
    MySQL Introduction
    Start/Stop MySQL
    Basic Mysql operators
    Creating user and database in MySQL
  • Statements
    Creating a Sample Application with Rails
    Rails Installation
    Folder Structure
    Setup the application
  • RAILS Model, Controller and Views
    What is the controller?
    Architecture Diagram for Controller
    Creating a Controller
    Methods and Actions
    Controller Default methods
    Restful Resources
    CRUD Verbs and Actions
  • Models
    What is model
    Active record Basics
    Destroy a model
    Modify, update a model
    Dropping a database
    Association, Validation and callbacks
    Why Association
    Without and with Association
    Types of Association
    Active Record validations
    Callbacks & types of callbacks