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There is a vast increase in adoption of open source software solutions across the private enterprise, government associations and organizations, industries. In last several years, we have seen enterprise customers are wishing to implement open source software development, thus forming a great base for software professionals, who are expertise in Open Source, to start a wonderful career, with lots of opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Professional Certification Course

In order to provide the training on open source software, the “MITU Skillologies” was founded seven years ago at Pune city of Maharashtra. As FOSS that is, Free and Open Source Softwares are Free, License-less, Secure and Fast, the popularity of them is increasing with great speed. The purpose of this initiative is to provide a platform where we want to take the open source to the professionals who want to aspire a career as a leader in the IT industry.

MITU Skillologies has an experienced and dedicated team of trainers, resource persons, developers, instructors, and open source evangelists. We are working with some of the most renowned technologies used in IT industries such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, which support the growth of companies. At MITU Skillologies, we strongly believe in constructive education. In order to empower, we provide opportunities for learners to transform their lives through innovative learning and practical training.


Our prime mission is to develop the community in open source software development by training students with advanced open source technology with practical and creative teaching.

Company Profile

Our Team
We have young and dynamic team of executives, engineers, developers, trainers and resource persons with us.
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Faculty Development Programs
‘MITU’ has conducted Faculty Development Programs (FDP) to improve the skill-set of the faculties teaching various technologies.
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Here is the list of technologies which ‘MITU’ conducts the workshops, training programs and FDPs. All of these are open source.
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Student Workshops
Prime focus of ‘MITU’ is the development of skill-set of students so they will be able to perform better and will be employable in industry.
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