Welcome to the page of Software Laboratory – VI subject of T. E. Information Technology of Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Course Objectives :

1. To understand Big data primitives and fundamentals.
2. To understand the different Big data processing techniques.
3. To understand and apply the Analytical concept of Big data using R/Python.
4. To understand different data visualization techniques for Big Data.
5. To understand the application and impact of Big Data
6. To understand emerging trends in Big data analytics

Course Outcomes :

1. To apply Big data primitives and fundamentals for application development.
2. To explore different Big data processing techniques with use cases.
3. To apply the Analytical concept of Big data using R/Python.
4. To visualize the Big Data using Tableau.
5. To design algorithms and techniques for Big data analytics.
6. To design Big data analytic application for emerging trends.

Practical Assignments

01A Hadoop Installation – Single Node

01B Hadoop Installation – Multi Node

Sample Application WordCount  Program    Hadoop Core Library

02 Mapreduce Programming – Part 01 Program Dataset

03 MapReduce Programming on Actual Datasets   Program1 Program2 Datasets

Find Max on first two columns of every line   Program   Dataset

Agent program that program travels in the network and performs a given task on the targeted machine.

04 Data Processing using HIVE    Queries in Text

05 R Data Analytics – Basics

06 R Data Analytics – Data Preprocessing

07 R and Hadoop Integration    mapper program    reducer program