This page is dedicated for Savitribai Phule Pune University’s Fourth Year of Computer Engineering (2015 Course) subject “Data Analytics” and its practicals of Laboratory Practice – I

Prerequisite Courses: 310242-Database Management Systems
Companion Course: 410247-Laboratory Practice I
Course Objectives:

  • To develop problem solving abilities using Mathematics
  • To apply algorithmic strategies while solving problems
  • To develop time and space efficient algorithms
  • To study algorithmic examples in distributed, concurrent and parallel environments

Course Outcomes:

On completion of the course, student will be able to–

  • To write case studies in Business Analytic and Intelligence using mathematical models.
  • To present a survey on applications for Business Analytic and Intelligence.
  • To write problem solutions for multi-core or distributed, concurrent/Parallel environments

Text Books:

David Dietrich, Barry Hiller, “Data Science & Big Data Analytics”,

Theory Presentations:

Unit-VI Advanced Analytics and Technologies

Practicals of Laboratory Practice – I

  1. Basic Data Analytics [ Dataset   Python   R-Program ]
  2. Naive Bayes Classification [ Dataset   Dataset ]
  3. Wordcount on Hadoop [Dataset   Library   Java  Python    R-Program]
  4. Weather dataset analysis using Hadoop [Dataset   Library   Program ]
  5. Movies dataset analysis using Hadoop [Dataset   Library   Program ]
  6. Trip History Analysis [ Dataset  Trial ]
  7. Bigmart Sales Analysis [ Dataset   TestSet   TrainSet ]
  8. Twitter Data Analysis
  9. Time Series Analysis