1. Introduction to WordPress ?
a. What is CMS and wordpress ?
b. Difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com
c. Installing wordpress
d. Accessing wordpress site.

2. Managing Posts
a. Understanding the difference between posts and pages
b. Creating and editing a new post
c. Using categories and tags
d. Advanced text formatting
e. Adding Images / Media
f. Publishing posts

3. Managing Pages
a. Creating a basic page
b. Using page templates
c. Organizing page hierarchy

4. Managing Content
a. Navigating the Dashboard index pages
b. Bulk and Quick Edit
c. Handling media

5. Changing Appearance
a. Selecting and changing themes
b. Theme Customizer
c. Custom header image
d. Menus
e. Widgets
f. Changing the front page from a blog view to a static page

6. Adding Plug-in and Themes
a. Plugin concepts
b. Theme concepts
c. Installing plugins
d. Installing themes

7. Settings, Users and Profiles
a. Editing your user profile
b. Creating a Gravatar profile
c. Adding and managing users
d. Configuring general settings
e. Uploading wordpress website