1. To Perform Advanced Scans, Information Gathering and Report Generation
2. To Study Target system, activity, network and owning its network
3. To breach Wireless Networks, Perform attacks for defacing
4. To Study analysis on Network for Intrusion using advanced Analysis tools

Course Outcomes:
1. Personnel learning this can own moderately secure network.
2. Can get the Target’s critical details using wide exploitation attack.
3. Can Predict the next move using Analysis tools.
4. Can secure his/her communication line for emails.
5. Can Encrypt and Decrypt the files.

1. Basic concepts of Networking.
2. Knowledge of Any Object Oriented Programming Language.
3. Must be Linux OS & Command Line friendly.


1) Understanding TCP/IP & OSI Layers
a) Understanding Network basics
b) Getting knack over Transport Layer & TLS

2) Introduction to Wireshark an Analysis Tool with NMAP
a) Introduction to WireShark
b) Understanding Interfaces, Filter selection in WS
c) Using different scans and attacks using nmap
d) Analysis using nmap with different scan levels

3) Performing SYN and FIN attacks using NMAP & Python Script
a) Exploiting target using SYN, FIN attacksb) Using SYN, FIN attacks on Target with Python
c) Using DOS & DDOS attack on target using Slowloris

4) Using Information Gathering tools
a) Introduction to DMitry
b) Using Social Engineering Skills
c) Learning DNS Poisoning with SET & Ettercap

5) Learning Wireless Attacks using Password Cracker
a) Air- mon-ng / crack-ng / dump-ng for cracking passwords
b) Available password Dictionaries

6) Secure Communication using GPG
a) File Encryption & Decryption using GPG
b) Secure Email Communication
c) Uploading / Signing public keys over Public Key Server

7) Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crimes
a) Understanding Email Headers
b) Finding Source routes
c) Email Spoofing

8) Enabling VPN on Operating System
9) Performing DoS and DDoS on a Server
a) Preliminary Analysis of Target (Load Balancers, Listening Ports)
b) Using Sloloris for DoS and DdoS