It is a 6 hrs workshop conducted with the aim of providing the students an insight of the open source operating system Linux. It is a one day workshop where students are taught each and every thing right from installation of the latest version of Ubuntu to all basic Linux commands, GUI Exploration, Terminal, Software Installation, Programming in Linux.

1. Introduction to Linux
➢ Why to use Linux?
➢ Opportunities, Properties, Advantages of Linux.
➢ Free and Open Source Softwares.
➢ Commercial OS vs. Linux.

2. Installation of Linux based Operating System
➢ Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be used for installation.
➢ Boot sequence in BIOS ROM.
➢ File system, Ubuntu directory structure.
➢ Installation of Ubuntu alongside Windows 7.

3. Exploring GUI of Ubuntu
➢ Different applications like VLC, Firefox, Libre Office.
➢ Alternate open source applications on Linux.
➢ Different desktops like Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Xfce etc.
➢ Exploring Linux Explorer.
➢ WINE emulator to run Windows applications.

4. Working with Terminal
➢ Linux terminal shell
➢ Fundamental commands like cat, cd, cp, mv, rm, grep, ls etc.
➢ Pipe operator, Indirection, chmod, ps, man, info etc.

5. Software Installation in Linux
➢ Installation of compressed packages like tar.gz, tar.bz2.
➢ Installation with commandsaptget
➢ install / update / upgrade.
➢ The .deb package installation.
➢ Ubuntu Software Center.

6. Programming
➢ C program using different editors.
➢ The gcc compiler with various options.
➢ Debugging using gdb and ddd.
➢ Namespaces and C++ program compilation using g++.
➢ Java program compilation and execution.

7. Fun with Linux
➢ Linux Essentials