This page is dedicated for subject “Programming and Problem Solving”, First Year Engineering, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune

Course Objectives: Prime objective is to give students a basic introduction to programming and problem solving with computer language Python. And to introduce students not merely to the coding of computer programs, but to computational thinking, the methodology of computer programming, and the principles of good program design including modularity and encapsulation.

  1. To understand problem solving, problem solving aspects, programming and to know about various program design tools.
  2. To learn problem solving with computers
  3. To learn basics, features and future of Python programming.
  4. To acquaint with data types, input output statements, decision making, looping and functions in Python
  5. To learn features of Object Oriented Programming using Python
  6. To acquaint with the use and benefits of files handling in Python

Topic-wise Presentations:

  1. General Problem Solving Concepts
  2. Program Design Tools
  3. World of Python Programming
  4. Python Programming Basics
  5. Decision Control Statements
  6. Data Structures
  7. Function and Modules
  8. Strings
  9. Object Oriented Programming
  10. File Handling and Dictionaries

Video Tutorials:

  1. Python in Marathi Video – 1
  2. Python in Marathi Video – 2
  3. Python in Marathi Video – 3
  4. Python in Marathi Video – 4
  5. Python in Marathi Video – 5
  6. Python in Marathi Video – 6
  7. Python in Marathi Video – 7
  8. Python in Marathi Video – 8

Practical Assignments:

  1. Salary Calculation
  2. Momentum Calculation
  3. Find sum and average
  4. Find grade using marks
  5. Check armstrong number
  6. Simple calculator
  7. Menu based program
  8. Find GCD
  9. Reverse number
  10. Binary to Decimal
  11. Peudo Random Number
  12. Separate even and odd number
  13. Sum of sine series
  14. Print Fibonacci series
  15. String operations
  16. File copying
  17. File analysis
  18. Employee Class
  19. Store Class

Mini Project:


  1. Programming in Python 3
  2. Core Python Programming
  3. Head First Python
  4. Introduction to Computer Science using Python
  5. Python Made Easy : Up and Running with Python
  6. Expert Python Programming
  7. Beginning Python
  8. Hello! Python
  9. Beginning Python Programming for Dummies
  10. Making use of Python




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