Practical Based hands-on PHP WorkShop

Session 1: 30 Mins
1. Installation : ( Theory and Hands-On )
1.1 Introduction PHP and Applications of PHP
1.2 Apache2 and WAMP Installation

2. PHP Basics : ( Theory and Hands-On ) 01.30 Hr.
2.1 Embedding PHP in HTML
2.2 Embedding HTML in PHP
2.3 Understanding Data Types
2.4 Writing Statements and Comments Using Conditional Statements
2.5 If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
2.6 Arrays
2.7 Creating User-Defined Functions
2.8 Defining and Invoking Functions

Session 2:
3. Creating basic programs with PHP: ( Theory and Hands-On ) 01.30 Hrs
3.1 Create a PHP program in which two values submitted using different form element and
calculate its addition,subtraction, multiplication, modulation, average and division on the
same page as well as in different control.
3.2 Program to print Print Fibonacci Series

Session 3:
4. Design and Validation of registration Form. ( Theory and Hands-On ) 01 Hr.
5. PHPMYAdmin 01 Hr.
5.1 Introdution to PHPMYadmin
5.2 Creating Databases
5.3 Creating Tables
5.4 Specifying Field Data Types
5.5 Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
5.6 Adding Field Modifiers and Keys

Session 4: 01.30 Hrs.
6. Creating basic programs with PHP and Database Connectivity with PHPMYADMIN
6.1 Create form in PHP which contains Name, address, email, comment and mobile number
and store that information in database. Also create a page which displays submitted
feedbacks in tabular form on webpage .
6.2 Create a login form using session handling in PHP. After successful login display name,
address and other details in tabular format of logged user.
6.3 Create a simple address book in PHP using MySQL database which contains Adding new
person with address (name, phone number, email, permanent address and temporary
address etc..), updating their address, deleting him from record and view all records in