The Java Language fundamentals
– Java program implementation, JVM
– Data types, variables, constants, i/o
– Decision making, looping and branching

Object Oriented Programming
– Classes, Objects and Methods
– Class definition
– Adding variables to a class
– Creating objects
– Accessing members using object
– Adding methods
– Constructor: Constructor overloading
– The ‘this’ keyword
– Methods overloading
– Static Members
– Argument passing to methods
– Methods returning objects
– Recursion
– Nested and inner classes

– Abstract class and methods
– Final class and methods
– Dynamic method dispatch
– The ‘super’ keyword
– The object class: use and implementation
– Visibility controls: public, private, protected, default

Arrays: use and implementation

String: use and implementation

Wrapper Classes: all class representations

Command Lines arguments

Packages: creation, importing, static import

Interfaces: creating, using, inheriting

Exception Handling
– Exceptions: try, catch, finally, throw, throws
– Creating your own exceptions

– Java thread model, the main thread
– Implementing Runnable interfaces
– Inheriting the thread class
– Creating multiple threads
– Thread synchronization

Stream I/O
– The file class
– File operations: File Input and output streams

– Enumerations fundamentals
– Methods of the enumerations

– Generic class with two type parameters
– Generic interfaces
– Generic class hierarchies
– Collections overview
– The collection interfaces- Collection, Set, List, Queue, DQueue
– The collection classes- ArrayList, LinkedList, HashSet, TreeSet
– Iterator interface
– The Map Interface

– DB Connectivity Steps with MySQL
– DriverManager, Connection, Statement
– ResultSet, PreparedStatement
– Retriving and displaying the data from database

Programming Applets
– Creating and using Applet class
– Frame Class

Abstract Window Toolkit
– AWT Classes, Components and controls
– Colors, Fonts
– Layout Managers
– Event Handling classes and interfaces

Swing Controls
– JApplet and swing Classes
– Icons and Labels, Text Fields
– Buttons, Combo Boxes,
– Tabbed Panes, Scroll Panes,
– Trees, Tables, Exploring the Swings

– The Life Cycle Of a Servlet
– The Java Servlet Development Kit
– The Simple Servlet,
– The Servlet API
– The javax.servlet Package
– Reading Servlet Parameters
– Handling HTTP Requests and responses
– Using Cookies
– Session Tracking