Workshop Title: Processor Interfacing
Date: 22/03/2015.
Venue:Sir Visveswaraya Institute of Technology, Chincholi

Participants:S. E. Information Tech.
Organized by: Mr. Avinash Potdar, Assistant Professor, SVIT, Nashik.

1. C programming using int86, int86x, intdos, intdosx functions
1. To delete a file
2. To create a directory
3. Read and display disk information such as Drive, tracks, sectors etc.

2. Microcontroller Programming Assignments based on programming 8051 microcontroller using 8051 development board.
1. Write a program to add n, 8 bits numbers found in internal ram location 40H onwards
and store results in R6 and R7.
2. Write a program to multiply 16 bit number by 8 bit number and store the result in
internal memory location

3. Write a program for the block transfer (external to internal memory)
3. Timer programming: ISR based : Write ALP to generate 2 KHz square wave using Timer
interrupt on any port pin.

4. Write ALP to interface 8051 with:
1. Interfacing DAC and writing programs to generate triangular, trapezoidal and sine
2. Interfacing 8/12 bit ADC to 8051 or equivalent and to write a program to find out the
average value for 10 readings.
3. Interface stepper motor to 8051 and write a program to rotate motor with different step
angles and with different speeds.