Python Workshop

1. Introduction to Python
a) Why and What is Python?
b) How to install Python?
c) Python applications.

2. Starting the basic Programming
a) Using terminal and IDE.
b) Math in Python.
c) Order of operations, Comments.
d) Variables, Strings.

3. The loop structure
a) The ‘while’ loop.
b) Boolean expressions.
c) Conditional statements.
d) if-else and elif.
e) Indentation.

4. Functions
a) Using a function.
b) Communication with the function.
c) A calculator program.
d) Define your own function.
e) Ways of passing parameters.

5. Data Structures
a) Using Tuples.
b) Lists and Dictionaries.
c) The ‘for’ loop.

6. Classes and Modules
a) Creating a class.
b) Using a class.
c) Inheritance.
d) Creating a module.

7. File I/O and exceptions
a) Opening ans seeking a file.
b) General I/O functions.
c) Pickles.
d) Exception handling.